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football‘Durham Otters’ Swimming club has been running for over 40 years in the Durham city area to provide a safe and friendly environment for those who find public swimming sessions unsuitable, but who would like to swim, exercise or relax in a pool.

The charity, run entirely by volunteers, gives disabled adults and children the chance to socialise and exercise in a safe and relaxing environment.

Some members are physically disabled, suffering from anything from back problems to partial paralysis;  others are learning disabled, but all enjoy the supportive environment of the club, which uses a shallow water pool of about 1.25m depth.

One-to-one care is provided when needed, by the swim volunteers, and lifeguards are on hand at all times.

The club runs sessions on a Monday evening from 7.15pm – 8.15pm.  Kids enjoy the opportunity to play and learn to swim, and adults have the peace of mind of in-water physical support and company whilst swimming or learning to swim. 

With excellent changing facilities,
easy access,
a hoist and
a range of swimming aids,
Durham Otters is one of few community charity services provided to help those who could not swim in a public pool for confidence or mobility reasons.

Mum/Adult Swimmer who has been a member of Durham Otters for 4 years, says:
“Durham Otters is the highlight of the week for many of the children and adults who come along.
More than anything, it is a social activity as well as a relaxing environment for light exercise.
All the volunteers are friendly and supportive and will help out or just leave swimmers to their own devices if they want.”.

Durham Otters welcomes adults or children to come along for the session. Children need a parent or carer with them (though not necessarily in the pool).

for more information contact
John or Kirstine:  (0191) 386 2146,
or email:
or come to a session.

We need drivers and helpers.

If you would like to help, please see our helping page

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